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Environmental Sustainability

Saving Energy with Sustainable Solutions

About 4-6 percent of the world’s total energy is consumed by the mining sector. Sandvik is committed to bring a more sustainable and eco-efficient way to reduce the energy consumption in mining. Rock processing in the mining and infrastructure industry are cornerstones in the development of our society. It’s essential

Climate Change

With the Climate in Mind

Teams across Sandvik are undertaking hundreds of projects that are helping the company reach net-zero emissions. The biggest impact emerges when customers use the products, but Sandvik also work to minimize the impact from its own operations. The numerous projects show how Sandvik employees are making the sustainability shift together.

Climate Change

Climate change to cost Germany up to $960bn by 2050, study finds

Climate change could cost Germany up to 900 billion euros ($960bn) in cumulative economic damage by mid-century, a new study shows, as Europe’s biggest economy searches for ways to cut that bill. The analysis by the economic research company Prognos, the Institute for Economic Structures Research and the Institute for Ecological